Nick von K

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I had a lot of fun giving the rock-n-roll jeweller’s Shopify website a makeover.

There was an interesting balance to be struck between positioning the brand as upmarket and accessible to mainstream fashion-lovers, while staying true to the brand’s subcultural, gothic, tattoo parlour feel.

I also consulted with ecommerce veteran Billie Drew to get her content and strategy recommendations. She emphasised the importance of clearly set out customer information, and things like free shipping offers, plus had several great PR and campaign ideas for NVK that will be implemented in the coming months!

This was my first time working with Shopify – it’s very easy to customise both in terms of design and admin and I learned a lot of great tricks. For example, to sort out Nick von K’s new time-sensitive “free shipping to Australia & NZ” offer, plus “free shipping to the rest of the world for orders over $300″ I thought I’d need to install an app, but I discovered that the basic shipping settings on Shopify will allow for such complex rules. It’s a great platform and I’ll recommend it to clients in the future.

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